Our philosophy and mission

The crisis in Ukraine is reflected in the standard of living of rural communities. The quality of education of young people in rural areas is, unfortunately, becoming worse. It is closely related to the critical conditions of formal education in rural schools network. Many young people do not see the prospects and opportunities for self-realization in a village. This situation should be changed not only by seeking economic mechanisms of support for rural communities and improving the material basis of the system of formal education. Strengthening the role of local government, cultivating a sense of community of rural residents, and their ability to work towards an own welfare play very important role in this process as well.

In the program “Rural Initiatives Workshop” we want to help rural youth to take responsibility for positive change. With the help of approaches and methods of informal education, we strive to create favorable conditions for the life self-determination of rural youth and support their innovations in the form of social initiatives in their villages in order to develop civic activity.

The objectives of the program are as follows:

  • Development of rural public space
  • Support for youth initiatives that are aimed at social, cultural, educational development of rural areas
  • Expanding the network of the new forms of education for rural youth
  • Development of volunteering in rural areas