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Initiatives of participants 2014-2015:

Community activation

In which ways can love be expressed? How to thank somebody without words? What is true respect? Christina Filiyovych, Bogdana Bilavych and Sofia Chernyavska have their own answers to these questions. In their village Yabluniv, Ivano-Frankivsk region, they have organized the volunteer movement called “Key to Charity”. Through their own examples, girls show that the best expressions of love, respect and gratitude are support, attention, and care. Lonely elderly people and children with special needs comprise the target audience of the initiative. Not only do the girls regularly visit people who need it, they also communicate with them, help them with their housework and organize the collection of clothing, food and hygiene products among fellow villagers.

Maryna Lashchuk, Jana Hlibchuk, Julia Marchuk, Tonya Lepkalyuk and Bogdana Ilyuk from the village of Stari Kuty, Ivano-Frankivsk region, no longer want to put up with the fact that their village has no place where children could play together. To erect a playground from scratch is quite a difficult task. In order to implement this idea, the team has involved the whole village by organizing the charity concert, the disco, the fair of sweets and collection of waste paper. What is more, they involved businessmen and entrepreneurs. The local forestry has helped to purchase building materials. They want to spend all money that has been collected to construct the playground “Rainbow” for the pupils of their school.

“Field of Miracles”. It is a place neither from the fairy tale about Pinocchio nor from the well-known TV show. Field of Miracles is a space for sports competitions. It is a place where boys from the village Iverske, Donetsk region, will play football. Slavko Dobrelya, who has come up with the idea to restore the old football field in his village, says: “Our team was afraid that we would not be able to attract teenagers to our initiative. But the only think we had to do was to properly explain what we wanted from them. If you talk confidently about the things you dream of doing, people will ask to help you”. Slavko’s friends Zhenya Shcherbak and Vadym Sunduchnikov started helping him. And their dream has come true!

“Forever Young” is not just a phrase from the famous song and the dream of the whole generations… It is the initiative of participants from the village Shostakivka, Donetsk region. Being forever young means to act, to move, to change yourself and others. Karina Lytyvynova, Vika Litovchenko, Denys Buhtijarov, Andrij Ivanuk, Yurko Halchenko, and Svitlana Martynenko strive to make their fellow villagers feel the overwhelming desire to be young again and change the space around them. To create a place for common recreation, communication, entertainment – this is the aim of the initiative. That is why girls and boys have arranged the recreation place and decorated it with their own “installations” from second-hand items – tires, plastic bottles, miners’ helmets. They have also equipped a small stage for outdoor performances.

How to make children’s life colorful? The initiative “Let’s make children’s lives brighter!” has such a goal. Victoria Oshurkova and Anastasia Severova have thought about such a serious matter. And they have invented their own method! In the village Stepanivka, Donetsk region, they have equipped a bright playground. Together with the fellow villagers they have set the swings near the usual rural shop “Look in” just in a few weeks in order to make children happy.

How often should we present flowers to our close friends? We can do it every day, and even without cutting off the plants. Our participants from the village Melnyky, Cherkasy region – Nastia Bazik and Maya Zaruba – want to present flowers to all residents of their village. And they should admire these flowers not for one day, but for a long time. The girls together with the fellow villagers have planted the rose garden “Valley of Roses” near the local educational institution. They have even organized the club where its members can share their experience and exchange seeds with each other. Beautiful flowers grow from these seeds, as well as the initiatives of our participants appear from great ideas.

Anya Hopta, Anya Yeromicheva and Katya Gorlenko from the Alexandrivsk District, Donetsk region, have created the initiative called “Happy Art” in their village Krynyca. Creative workshops on embroidery, singing, drawing – all these activities are offered to children and adolescents from 5 to 15 years by the team. Later the members of clubs will be able to take part in exhibitions, auctions, and concerts. The aim of the initiative is to revive the activity of children and adolescents and promote non-formal education. Students sell their articles at fairs and use money earned on these things to develop the rural club and purchase materials for further workshops.

Nastia Melnyk from the village Yabluniv, Ivano-Frankivsk region, loves animals very much. Together with the fellow villagers she organized the event “Find a Friend” at the schoolyard. The aim of this event was to encourage caring people to bring gifts for homeless animals, and perhaps even find a new friend. Now one dog has a new home, and other animals have been examined by a veterinarian and fed.

Vanya Susyak and Ruslan Shayvoronskyy study at Yabluniv special secondary boarding school. While studying there, they have noticed the problem – the lack of sports ground. Since pupils from the whole Ivano-Frankivsk region study at the school № 87, our participants have decided to encourage the community to build a sports and entertainment area by their own. Now students have the place where they can hold sports events, do exercises, and organize small Olympic Games.

In the village Novopoltavka, Donetsk region, Denys Lubyvyj organized a real “Table Tennis mania”. The whole community has contributed to conducting repairs of the old buildings and tennis table. They celebrated the opening of the new entertainment location on the tennis tournament. Now all people, young and old, can play table tennis whenever they have a desire to.

Albina Kazakova from the village Novoyavlenka, Donetsk region, dreamed about having a place where people could relax, meet each other, and spend time together in their village. So the idea to arrange a true “Garden of Dreams” has been born. There has already been an old and neglected garden in the village. The only thing that has been left to do is to decorate it with some “dreams.” In order to do this, the girl has involved fellow villagers as volunteers and administration of the village, and organized the cleaning of the old garden, erecting new benches and arbors, planting new trees. Now by the common efforts the island of comfort has been created in Novoyavlenka, and residents also care about it.

In the village Ivkivtsi, Cherkasy region, a unique workshop has appeared. Julia Lytvyn, and Inna Chyzh have contributed to its creation. “Factory of Christmas decorations” has been arranged on the premises of the rural House of Culture. The whole community of the village, as well as its administration, participated in the organization of this event. Different workshops on toys creation are conducted in the new studio now, and its visitors have the opportunity to make their own Christmas ornament.

Kolia Ananchenko from the village Medvedivka, Cherkasy region, has implemented the initiative “KinderBUM”, the aim of which was to create a playground in the village. Having involved young parents and students, he has done it. From now on, there is a place in Medvedivka where kids can play.

Egor Komarnickij from the village Velyka Gora, Donetsk region, organized the restoration of the football field in his village. Through the efforts of the local community, the surface of the field was leveled, the grass was planted, and the new net was made. Thanks to the initiative “New Stadium”, local teenagers have a good place for sports training now.


What can we do today for the happier life of those, who will live tomorrow? “To keep the nature at least as it is now” – is the answer of the participants of the program “Rural Initiative Workshop” from villages Lyucha and Yabluniv, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Marijka and Volodya Bodrug, Natalka Abram’yuk and Roksolana Yacyuk used complex approach to this task. As a part of their initiative “Save environment – extend your life!” they started to actively acquaint everyone – from the elderly people to small children – with the importance of garbage sorting and proper utilization of hazardous waste, such as accumulators and batteries. What is more, they organized several ecological meetings, where they together with other villagers cleaned river banks, parks, and other territories from garbage.

Imagine yourself to be a landscape designer, how would you arrange a barren near the village school? Schoolgirls from the village Borovycya, Cherkasy region, Viktoriya Gulyda, Anna Agibalova, Inna Suprun, Alina Tyasko, Anna Kovalenko and Anna Supryaga considered that place to be perfect for conducting lessons when it is warm. Together with the school community and parents they equipped that empty and abandoned space with eco-furniture made from second-hand materials, they painted the wall, planted flowers nearby, and enclosed everything with the decorative fence. That territory is called “The Green Classroom” mainly because there students will be able to run away from the heat, to breathe fresh air during the classes, to be closer to Mother-nature and to enjoy an informal and friendly atmosphere. For now, it is the only one “green” classroom known in that region.

“Eco-bags is a stylish alternative to a plastic bag” is a new trend in the village Yabluniv, Ivano-Frankivsk region. It was launched by Ira Yakubiak, Marijka Bodruh, Petro and Roksolana Yatsiuk and Ivanna Falbijchuk. To reduce the usage of plastic bags in everyday life and duties, they suggested their friends to use fabric eco-bags instead, which one can make on their own. And to introduce this idea in an easy and interesting way, kids invited everyone to the eco-theatre in their school. After the educational work, the team conducted workshops, where they taught everyone how to make eco-friendly bags not only from the new fabrics but also from the used materials, for example, old jeans.

Natalka Ostafijchuk from the village Kosmach, Ivano-Frankivsk region, also encouraged her villagers to save the environment. She offered students of her school (from 6 to 11 grade) to join her initiative by making new creative and nice garbage bins during their classes. The participants created them by using old second-hand materials and decorated their works as they liked. Already finished trash bins were located in the appropriate and expedient places around the village. This initiative was entitled very accurately – “Roadsides Clean Up”.

Denys Bojechko and Sviatoslav Suliatytskyj from the village Yabluniv, Ivano-Frankivsk region, organized their own initiative – “EcoFurniture”. With their friends’ help, they collected unnecessary Styrofoam, and with the additionally purchased materials they started making different ecologically friendly furniture, for example, comfortable armchairs. This creative team wanted to use those chairs in their open-air classroom near the school. Many students agreed to help voluntarily. With their initiative, boys want to broaden other students’ outlook, and to show that ecologically friendly lifestyle is very easy and interesting.

In recent years, a sea shore in Stepanivka village, situated in Donetsk region, has become a local landfill. Diana Dulina raised an initiative and encouraged her villagers to clean the beach, and to make it a comfortable recreational area. “Clean beach” initiative included not only the cleanup of the territory by volunteers, but also the arrangement of new garbage bins, clean sand delivery, and organization of regular waste removal.

Andrii Zubenko and Yaroslav Sushchenko from the small town in Cherkasy region organized their campaign “Clean the Environment of Medvedivka”. They were trying to achieve a prohibition of constructing sumps by the local industrial enterprise. In the second stage of the campaign, they were going to restore a historic monument – a well of Maksym Zalizniak. This initiative gathered together villagers, museum workers, and pupils of the local school.

History and culture

What is “today” and when does it become “yesterday”? How can we safe the instant moment and keep it from oblivion? How can we save the history, the only way to exist of which is to be written down and to be transferred by the word of mouth?

Natalka Dzhumaryk from the village Kuty, Kosiv region, near Ivano-Frankivsk has a firm intention to keep the history of her homeland alive. Now, she is collecting stories from people who have lived them through and from those, who keep stories of their parents and grandparents. She publishes all collected stories in the blog entitled “History is Alive” Moreover, the girl invites everyone to share their memories. As a result of such initiative, a film has been created. It is a combination of newsreels and gathered stories. Natalia shares this film not only with the pupils of her school and rural community, but everyone who is interested can watch it online on the YouTube Channel

Open-air cinema. What can be more romantic…? There are four of them. Zhenia, Ania, Sashko and Ivanka. Zh. A. S. I or just „JASI”. It is a name of a cinema with French charm. It is also a name of the initiative, created by very young and active members of “Rural Initiatives Workshop” Ivanka Dzhyrmya, Ania Shevchenko, Zhenia Marchenkao and Sashko Karbovskyy from Holovkivka, Cherkasy region.

“Frankly speaking, the idea of outdoors theater has appeared spontaneously. Our motto is “Creativity above everything!” That is why it has been important for us to create something that will impress everyone – something accessible and ordinary. And quite evening gatherings near the fire, watching a good movie in a good company is something simple and yet unusual. Not all of us were enthusiastic about this idea, but when we started developing it, big interest has appeared as well as the desire to change the world by our own hands.”

Five girls – Anna Ahibalova, Inna Suprun, Anna Kovalenko, Anna Supriaha, Alina Tiasko – have realized that their native village lacks a place, where people can relax. After brainstorming, the new idea has been born. It has been called “Teen Spirit” and it is a new cinema in the village Borovytsia, Cherkasy region. “The name has appeared spontaneously. “Teen Spirit” – the spirit of young people is exactly what we needed! We want to shake sleepy people up, and to give them a push to move, move ahead! Cinema in the village is a perfect place for relaxation or dates, for example. It is a place where you can take friends, relatives or acquaintances from other cities or villages.” – said the initiators of the idea. The cinema has started its work in spring. The team also organized a charity fundraising by selling their hand-made wares at different fairs. It was done to collect money for purchasing a laptop for their cinema. “To keep native and dear, to enjoy authentic.”

Solomia Nykorak from Kosmach village, Ivano-Frankivsk region, organized real „Hutsul friendly meeting”. Together with the villagers she organized a movie day in the local school and community center. Among other, people watched a movie “Тіні забутих предків” (“Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”), discussed it and just communicated in an informal atmosphere. Old residents of the village shared their memories and stories, and everyone interested could ask them about anything. In the next stage of the initiative, participants organized workshops of different forgotten folk handicrafts. All in all, the initiators of the idea are planning to gather such meetings regularly, to give the community a chance to spend their time with use and interest.